Charlesgate Chairs

The Charlesgate Chairs were originally donated to the Charlesgate Alliance and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy for the Summer through early Fall 2018 by the Solomon Foundation, and are made available through the cooperation of the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). They return for Summer through early Fall 2022. Members of our team will look in on the chairs to see how they are doing. However, we also rely on community members to help keep them in a tidy manner in the Charlesgate area, specifically in what we call the North Field and The Grove areas as designated in the map in the photo below by Landing Studio. If you see a problem with the chairs, please notify us at

We are happy to announce a contract in which the Charlesgate Alliance is paying Project Place to clean the park and tend to the Charlesgate Chairs. If you see workers from this organization in the neighborhood, please say Hi.

People Sitting in Charlesgate Chairs; Photo by Jules Milner-Brage

Photo by Jules Milner-Brage

Charlesgate_Anatomy – Version 3

Detail of drawing by Landing Studio