About Us

The Charlesgate Alliance launched on January 24th, 2017, to bring positive change to the Charlesgate neighborhood. We look forward to working with you!


We are dedicated to improving Charlesgate and to knitting together the Charlesgate district. We promise to become an effective new force to defend and serve our diverse and dynamic neighborhood.

  • View and download the latest version of the Charlesgate Public Concept Plan here
  • Learn about the proposed Charlesgate Dog Park here

The City of Boston made a video with one of our co-founders, Pam Beale, as a result of the Alliance being awarded CPA money in 2019. Parker James is the other co-founder.

See our Achievements page for details on the CPA grant.

Short-Term Goals

  • Develop the notion of Charlesgate as a neighborhood – join us and donate!
  • Improve the Charlesgate park areas. 21 trees adjacent to Charlesgate were planted during Spring 2018.
  • Consider enhancements that can be made for the Charlesgate area. We hold Leadership Meetings, which are open to anybody who would like to take an active role in shaping the future of the Alliance.
  • Work with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Landing Studio to begin comprehensive design for the Charlesgate Revitalization Project. This project will utilize $250,000 from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and $400,000 from the City of Boston. For more information, see Achievements.

Medium-Term Goals

  • Create safe, pedestrian friendly, public areas – Share your ideas
  • Improve Muddy River water quality
  • Help public agencies like the DCR and MassDOT maintain and improve the area
  • Create a high quality, off-leash dog park in an area of South Field. For more information see our Charlesgate Dog Park page.

Long-Term Goals

  • Charlesgate revitalization
  • A fully integrated Charlesgate neighborhood
  • A solid, enduring Charlesgate Alliance organization

Landing Studio Designs

Landing Studio is the architectural firm hired by Charlesgate Alliance and the Emerald Necklace Conservancy in conjunction with DCR to develop concept designs for enhancements to the Charlesgate area. Funding for this project came from community residents and a matching grant from the Solomon Foundation.

You can see slideshows from our past meetings with Landing Studio or view them as downloadable PDFs.

The illustration below is a proposed design idea for what Landing Studio calls the Bowl and Bridge area of Charlesgate. For more background information, please see the slideshow of Landing Studio’s presentation at the April 9th Talk about DCR Charlesgate meeting.
Proposed Bowl and Bridge
There is an area of Charlesgate that we think would be great for a dog park.
Proposed Dog Park
The Muddy River-to-land connection could be improved.
Proposed water's edge
Areas under the Bowker Overpass could be used for activities and take advantage of the ceiling that it provides.
Proposed North Field
This part adjacent to the Bowker Overpass by Newbury Street could have a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to alleviate the isolation in “The Circles” area of the current park.
Proposed South Field
Landing Studio designated areas of the park in the illustration below at the December 4, 2017, Talk About DCR Charlesgate Park meeting, integrating with the already approved Charlesgate Greenway DCR project, here called The Allee.

Named areas of Charlesgate by Landing Studio at December 4, 2017 Public Meeting
Please contact us at charlesgatealliance@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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